Citygram-Sound Project is a collaboration between NYU Steinhardt, NYU CUSP,  and CalArts. The Citygram Project is a large-scale project that began in 2011. Citygram aims to deliver a real-time visualization/mapping system focusing on non-ocular energies through scale-accurate, non-intrusive, and data-driven interactive digital maps. The first iteration, Citygram One, focuses on exploring spatio-acoustic energies to reveal meaningful information including spatial loudness, traffic patterns, noise pollution, and emotion/mood through audio signal processing and machine learning techniques. Citygram aims to create a model for visualizing and applying computational techniques to produce metrics and further our knowledge of cities such as NYC and LA. The project will enable a richer representation and understanding of cities defined by humans, visible/invisible energies, buildings, machines, and other biotic/abiotic entities. Our freely Internet-accessible system will yield high impact results that are general enough for a wide range of applications for residents, businesses, and visitors to cities like NYC and LA. Our collaboration with NYU CUSP has been especially fruitful in the context of measuring and quantifying urban spatio-acoustic noise and using NYC as a research lab. The team members for Citygram and CUSP are from NYU Steinhardt, NYU CUSP, and CalArts.


Moore Sloan Poster Research Project